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Roddy Piper Chris Jericho Randy Orton John Cena The Undertaker

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WrestlingNewsMedia.com is often quotes and featured in the press regarding pro wresting. Portfolio includes:

ABC Radio, ABC TV, The Australian Worker, Pro Wrestling Torch, Wrestling Observer Newsletter, The Oregonian, The New York Times Online, Baltimore Sun (Ring Posts), Gambling911...

Professional wrestling, or pro wrestling, is the performance, management, and marketing of a simulated sport and performing art which combines elements of catch wrestling, mock combat and theatre. Modern professional wrestling usually features simulated striking and grappling techniques, which are modelled after diverse sets of global wrestling and pugilistic styles.

Professional wrestling can vary from sports entertainment like WWE to a legitimate sport like Japanese wrestling and even lucha libre style wrestling found in Mexico. (Credit: Wikipedia).



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Vince McMahon - 9th March 2004

Bruno Sammartino

Bill Behrens - 18th June 2003

Billy "The P" Donald

Steve Rackman - interview - 25th May 2003

Dominic Bianco - 3rd September 2004

Max Markson - interview - 2nd July 2003

Jake "The Snake" Roberts - 3rd June 2003

Johnny Valiant

Greg "TNT" Bownds - 15th January 2004

Harley Race - 1st June 2003

George "The Animal" Steele - 27th June 2003

Richard Cashman - 25th September 2003

Roddy Piper - April 2003

Dan Severn - 10th June 2003

Jason Helton - 23rd September 2002

Les Thatcher - 1st October 2003

Shark Boy - 6th July 2003

J-Rocc - 5th June 2003

Slyk Wagner Brown

Mana - 3rd August 2003

Gary "Jaws" Tiplady - 8th July 2003

Bill Apter - 14th July 2003

Evan Ginzburg - 26th May 2003

Rohan Herbstreit

Chris Yandek

Bobby Riedel

Danny Sterling - 11th November 2003

WrestlingNewsMedia.com director, Greg Tingle, on air with 2UE's John Laws - 31st July 2002 (transcript)

The Golden Age Of Professional Wrestling 2003 - ABC Radio National "The Sports Factor" - 11th July 97


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Rowdy Roddy Piper wrestles with a new foe: cancer - The Oregonian - 3rd December 2006

A tight new hold on our TV - Herald Sun - 18th July 2006

The Great Aussie Promoters

The Great Yankee Promoters

Confessions of a wrestling fan - Cottage Industry or Big Business?

Wrestling Promoters Down Under

The Man They Call Harry M

MR PR Max Markson

Death Of Wrestling

The Art They Once Called Wrestling

Wrestling with violence

Stand-up raver who really grapples with his lines

Christian wrestlers playing with fire - September 2000

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Professional Wresling in Australia


Wrestling Legends: Bruno Sammartino profile

Wrestling Legends: Whatever happened to?

Gary Will: Pro Wrestling History

Puroresu: Bruno Sammartino profile

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Big Chief Little Wolf: folklore, folk heroes and professional wrestling in Australia - 9th July 1997 (NLA)

WrestlingNewsMedia.com Shakes Up Media and PR Market - 8th March 2004

WWE Announce 2004 Australian Tour


Beautiful Sex Symbol Carmen Electra, Brings the NWWL or Naked Women's Wrestling to Pay Per View April 2004

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